Sermons by Walter J. Chantry



   Christians as Servants of God                                James 1:1 mp3
   The Testing of Faith,                                           James 1:2-4 mp3
   Prayer is Essential in Trials                                 James 1:5-8 mp3
   True Riches                                                      James 1:9-11 mp3
   Perseverance Under Trial,                                     James 1:12 mp3
   Basis of Temptation,                                        James 1:13-15 mp3
   God's Goodness,                                            James 1:16-18 mp3
   Attitude Toward God's Word,                            James 1:19-21 mp3
   After the Sermon is Over,                                 James 1:22-25 mp3
   The Tongue and True Religion,                              James 1:26 mp3
   Visit the Oppressed,                                            James 1:27 mp3
   Do Not Show Favoritism                                      James 2:1-9 mp3
    The Charity of the Law                                       James 2:8-12 mp3
   The Moral Law Toward Others                            James 2:8-13 mp3
   The Test of Saving Faith                                  James 2:14-19    mp3
   Justified by Faith or Works                              James 2:21-25 mp3
   Do You Have a Real Faith?                              James 2:21-26 mp3
   The Faith of Rahab                                         James 2:25, 26 mp3
   Teachers and the Tongue                                   James 3:1, 2 mp3
   The Impact of the Tongue,                                   James 3:3-6 mp3
   Wisdom                                                         James 3:13-18 mp3
   Conflict Among Christians                                   James 4:1-6 mp3
   Prayer                                                               James 4:2-3 mp3
   Forsake Worldliness                                              James 4:4 mp3
   The Spirit in Us Longs Jealously                          James 4:5-6 mp3
   Draw Near to God                                             James 4:6-10 mp3
   Don't Speak Against Your Brother                    James 4:11-12 mp3
   There is Sin in Counting on the Future                   James 4:13 mp3
   Temptation of Sin from Wealth                             James 5:1-6 mp3
   Encouragement in Suffering,                              James 5:7-11 mp3
   Do Not Swear                                                      James 5:12 mp3
   Prayer,                                                           James 5:13-18 mp3
   The Particulars of Prayer                                  James 5:13-18 mp3
   Retrieving Backsliders                                      James 5:19-20 mp3